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The power of positivity: release the pain of the past and fear of the future

What we do

Yoga/Meditation Teacher Training

Recent Yoga Teacher Training graduates in Haiti will teach in schools, studios and hospitals

Join us for thrilling, informative sessions aimed at 200 hour RYT status recognized by Yoga Alliance USA. Courses currently taught in USA, Haiti, and India. No experience necessary, sliding scale fees. Personalized instruction in home practice is  also available for sincere seekers

Life Coaching

Be Fearless! Do what you need to accomplish your Mission and  experience the Love you deserve.

Need help in making your dreams come true?

Having trouble with relationships? 

Employment or professional challenges?

These patterns are teaching points, guiding you to your next level of success and love. Find out more and experience the joy of your true self!

Finding Happiness


Moods come and go.  They are not underlying features of your personality and overall well being.  First we identify what those moods are and then we focus on natural ways to enhance the best of you. Liberate yourself and others!

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